Service RSS feeds

RSS is the abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. This refers to the provision of information, such as press releases. RSS enables the user to subscribe to certain texts on an Internet page. The subscribed content can be automatically loaded onto a user's computer or into Internet pages by means of RSS. In this way, the subscriber receives the latest information automatically and conveniently.

To subscribe to an RSS feed you need a feed reader (a special computer programme or browser plugin which can gather and display the information you have subscribed to). There are a number of free feed readers available online. Some e-mail programmes can also be used to read RSS feeds.

RSS readers can be configured freely. They let the user decide which sources are to be included. The reader displays either the heading or the first few lines of a news item. A link is included, which can be used to access the complete item in your browser.

Which RSS feeds does the BMZ offer?

The BMZ offers you both an RSS feed for German press releases and one for English press releases.
You can go to the BMZ website (German:, English: and using a browser plugin search the page for RSS feeds and then subscribe.

You need the following URLs to subscribe to the RSS feeds that the BMZ offers using a reader or an e-mail programme:

Simply copy these URLs and add them as a new RSS service to your RSS reader. The programme will then notify you automatically when we publish new posts online.