German develop­ment policy works with 60 partner countries. Each country faces its own spe­cific cha­llenges, which is reflected in the strategic coope­ration with the countries and regions.

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Self-initiative is the key to deve­lopment. That is why we demand even more than before that our partner countries make mea­surable progress in good gover­nance, respect for human rights and the fight against corrup­tion.

Reform strategy "BMZ 2030"

Here you can find information on the new orientation of our development cooperation.

With our reform strategy "BMZ 2030" we have introduced new partner­ship categories. We are not ending coope­ration with any country, but are reorienting a number of states. We will continue to support people threatened by hunger and need in all countries.

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    Regional cooperation

    Logo: Marshall Plan with Africa

    A Marshall Plan with Africa Internal link

    A new partnership for development, peace and a better future

    Logo: African Union

    African Union Internal link

    Germany has been supporting the African Union since 2003 and is now one of its most important partners.