We welcome comments and contributions (hereinafter referred to only as “contributions”) from users on our website and our social media channels  (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram).

We value a lively and inspiring dialogue, and that includes controversial exchanges. However, it does mean observing the following guidelines. We reserve the right to delete contributions that do not adhere to these rules, without necessarily giving a reason.

1. Respectful discussion

We wish for a respectful dialogue with one another. Please therefore keep the tone of your contributions fair and polite at all times:

  • Treat other users as you would wish to be treated.
  • Always keep in mind that you are dealing with real people. Argue vigorously about the issues but never use personal attacks or arguments that target individuals.
  • Every person has the right to their own opinion. Therefore, please do not try to force your views on others.
  • Insults, sexual innuendoes, and sexist or racist comments will be deleted. The same goes for contributions couched in vulgar, abusive or hateful language, and for contributions that violate the rights of third parties, also and especially contributions that infringe copyright.

2. Stay on topic

Your contributions should always have to do with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) or the topic of development cooperation. In the interests of all, content that has nothing to do with the above, or only very marginally, should be avoided. We reserve the right to delete such contributions as we see fit.

3. No spamming

Misusing the BMZ website or our social media channels to advertise for other websites or services, or to offer goods and services whether commercially or privately, is not permitted and will result in the contributions in question being deleted.

Content, information, software or other materials that violate existing laws may not be posted.

4. Quoting correctly

Quotes that do not cite a source or author are not permitted. To quote properly, in addition to an accurate rendering of the quote, it is also necessary to cite its origin correctly. Only quotes and source information that the reader can verify are allowed. Links to other websites should be used sparingly.

5. User responsibility

Users are responsible for the contributions they post. The BMZ accepts no responsibility for the contributions of its users.

Users may only post content to the BMZ website or its social media channels if they have the requisite rights of use and exploitation.

The BMZ does not necessarily endorse the content posted by users or the views expressed therein, neither does it adopt them as its own. The same applies to third party content that might be accessed via our social media channels or via any links on them.

The copyright for contributions, insofar as they can be protected by copyright, remains in principle with the author, however, by posting the contribution, the author gives the BMZ the right to have the contribution up on its websites permanently and archive it. The BMZ has the right to delete, modify, move or close topics and contributions.

Through your interaction with the BMZ websites you are acknowledging and accepting these guidelines.

6. Ultimate responsibility lies with the operator

The BMZ is not responsible for the availability and accessibility of its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram) and the user content on them.

As the operator in the case of our websites we will not accept any violations of the netiquette rules set out here. We reserve the right to delete contributions or comments at any time without necessarily giving a reason.

7. The general laws and regulations shall apply

The BMZ will block any users who repeatedly or seriously violate these rules of netiquette.

Furthermore, users may not infringe the rules of the operators of platforms where the BMZ has a presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram).

Infringement shall lead to users being excluded from participating in discussions and, in extreme cases, may result in legal steps being taken.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that you will have fun participating in the discussions.

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