KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW development bank)

Within the KfW banking group, KfW Entwicklungsbank is responsible for Financial Cooperation with developing countries. In terms of volume, this form of cooperation is the most important instrument in German development cooperation. It is used where long-term capital is in short supply and where the market has either failed or is not functioning properly. KfW Entwicklungsbank helps its partners to set in motion an economically sustainable and socially just process of development. The overarching objective of Financial Cooperation is to reduce poverty and improve living conditions, especially for the poor. KfW Entwicklungsbank promotes investments in infrastructure, financial systems and environmental protection, for example resource conservation. The development of efficient financial systems opens up new opportunities for small and medium-sized companies and thus helps to create income and jobs. In crisis regions KfW helps to stabilise the social situation, for example through investment in job creation programmes.

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KfW Entwicklungsbank

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