BMZ conference Shaping the Future with Africa – Young Entrepreneurship as Key to a Just Transition

On 21 November 2023, in the context of the G20 Compact with Africa Summit, Minister Svenja Schulze welcomed 40 young African entrepreneurs and innovation champions to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. At the conference, they presented recommendations for strengthening the role of young entrepreneurs in resolving global challenges and giving shape to the just transition of economies and societies, and they discussed these recommendations with a high-ranking panel that included Dr Rania A. Al-Mashat, Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation, Dr Akinwumi A. Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, and Lacina Koné, Director General and CEO of the Smart Africa Alliance.

Recording of the event

You can watch a recording of the conference here:

High-Level Conference Shaping the Future with Africa: Young Entrepreneurship as Key to a Just Transition
Recording: BMZ conference Shaping the Future with Africa – Young Entrepreneurship as Key to a Just Transition

To watch a recording of the conference in French, click here (External link). To watch it in German, click here (External link).

Young African entrepreneurs play a key role for sustainable development in Africa. As change makers, they have the potential to develop socially and environmentally viable answers to the most urgent challenges of our times, such as climate change, social inequality, and the digital transformation. Young African start-ups, especially women-led enterprises, create jobs and income in rising industries such as renewable energy, electric transport, and the circular economy. They are key players for a just transition.

In order to make the best possible use of their innovative capacity, it is vital to give them tailor-made forms of support and create an enabling environment. This requires a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities that young African entrepreneurs are facing.

By hosting the conference “Shaping the Future with Africa – Young Entrepreneurship as Key to a Just Transition”, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development provided a platform for an exchange between Africa's start-up scene and decision-makers from politics, business and civil society, and start-up companies from Berlin. The purpose of the conference was to facilitate personal encounters and networking and to identify practical options for action for the benefit of all stakeholders, in line with the vision of a just transition.

Cover: Programme of the conference "Shaping the Future with Africa – Young Entrepreneurship as Key to a Just Transition"

Conference programme

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Speakers Booklet

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Participating Young Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers

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Start-Up Fair

Young Entrepreneurs present their businesses – informal exchange and networking

Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development
Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Welcome & opening

Welcome by Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Host: Conny Czymoch

Policy Recommendations from Young Entrepreneurs

Mavis Owusu-Gyamfi
Mavis Owusu-Gyamfi

What is needed to unlock the potential of young entrepreneurs for a social and ecological transformation of the economy?

40 young entrepreneurs and change makers will share their policy recommendations elaborated during a workshop the day before together with Mavis Owusu-Gyamfi, Executive Vice President, African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET).


Kola Aina
Kola Aina

Entrepreneur, investor and mentor Kola Aina is Founding Partner of a Ventures Platform that fosters Africas entrepreneurs oft he next generation.

He provides his personal view on the potential of young entrepreneurs in Africa as well as the particular challenges they are confronted with.

High-Level Panel

Taking up on Minister Schulze’s opening speech, the policy recommendations from the young entrepreneurs and the insights from the keynote speech, this panel will discuss how African and European policymakers, entrepreneurs and investors can work together to promote a conducive business and regulatory environment that supports young entrepreneurs and further enhances their power to innovate.

  • H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Egypt
  • Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina, President, African Development Bank
  • Lacina Koné, Director General & CEO, Smart Africa
  • Audrey S-Darko, Founder & CEO, Sabon Sake, Ghana
  • Mariatheresa Kadushi, Founder & CEO, Mobile Afya, Tanzania
  • Birgit Pickel, Director-General Africa, BMZ

Young entrepreneurs and innovation champions

  • Arielle Kitio Tsamo

    CAYSTI, Cameroon

    Arielle Kitio Tsamo
  • Armelle Sidje Tamo

    PRA – Product Related to Agricultural sector, Cameroon

    Armelle Sidje Tamo
  • Arnold Abeeku Mensah

    Harns Sanitation and Waste Management Limited, Ghana

    Arnold Abeeku Mensah
  • Ashton Tanatswa Mberi

    Polycycle Innovations Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

    Ashton Tanatswa Mberi
  • Audrey S-Darko

    Sabon Sake, Ghana

    Audrey S-Darko
  • Awa Caba

    Soreetul, Senegal

    Awa Caba
  • Bechir Afifi

    Fabskill, Tunisia

    Bechir Afifi
  • Dee Punungwe

    GGEM Farming, Malawi

    Dee Punungwe
  • Eden Tadesse

    Invicta, Ethiopia

    Eden Tadesse
  • Edwige Takassi

    WIFI – Women in Financial Inclusion Africa Consulting, Democratic Republic of Congo

    Edwige Takassi
  • Emans Peter Kiula

    Kiasi App, Tanzania

    Emans Peter Kiula
  • Fadilah Tchoumba

    African Business Angel Network (ABAN), Cameroon

    Fadilah Tchoumba
  • Faith Mercy Wambui

    Co-Creation Hub, Kenya

    Faith Mercy Wambui
  • Florence Mogere

    Nyota Frozen Isle, Kenya

    Florence Mogere
  • Geraldine Mupandanyama

    Darena Ventures, Zimbabwe

    Geraldine Mupandanyama
  • Hichem Mokni

    NextAV, Tunisia

    Hichem Mokni
  • Hidayet Ayadi

    Sghartoon, Tunisia

    Hidayet Ayadi
  • Jacqueline Mukarukundo

    Wastezon Limited, Rwanda

    Jacqueline Mukarukundo
  • Janet Abatesi

    Care Connect, Rwanda

    Janet Abatesi
  • Jeremiah Shallangwa

    Instant Energy, Nigeria

    Jeremiah Shallangwa
  • John Lawson

    Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), South Africa

    John Lawson
  • JohnCarl Dunyo

    Sommalife, Ghana

    JohnCarl Dunyo
  • Kamil Borsu Nabong

    Kosmos Innovation Center, Ghana

    Kamil Borsu Nabong
  • Lufuno Rasoesoe

    Tosh Detergents, South Africa

    Lufuno Rasoesoe
  • Maria Theresa Kadushi

    Mobile Afya, Tanzania

    Maria Theresa Kadushi
  • Maurice Nii Adjei Cashinco

    Illuminate Africa, Ghana

    Maurice Nii Adjei Cashinco
  • Mike Owino

    Prasins Energy, Kenya

    Mike Owino
  • Murielle Diaco

    Djouman, Côte d’Ivoire

    Murielle Diaco
  • Noel N’guessan

    LONO, Côte d’Ivoire

    Noel N’guessan
  • Ore Alemede

    Grow Agric, Kenya

    Ore Alemede
  • Reham Yahia

    Baramoda, Egypt

    Reham Yahia
  • Simon Balemba Effansa

    MountainHub, Cameroon

    Simon Balemba Effansa
  • Stanislaus Sakwiya

    MlimiPay Limited, Malawi

    Stanislaus Sakwiya
  • Theoneste Niyomugabo

    Wowe Agro Solutions, Rwanda

    Theoneste Niyomugabo

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