Solar panels of a solar power plant in Ouarzazate, Morocco

Fit for 55 Minister Müller says: EU climate package must take into account the consequences for developing countries

14 July 2021 | Commenting on the climate package “Fit for 55” that the European Commission presented today, German Development Minister Gerd Müller said:

Water scarcity and drought are among the serious consequences of climate change.

“The climate package presented by the European Commission is an important building block for the European Green Deal. However, as the upcoming decisions are made, we must pay even greater attention to the international impacts of this package of legislative measures. A carbon border adjustment mechanism must not cause the EU single market to become closed to economies outside the EU, putting developing countries at a permanent disadvantage.

What we need is a fair and balanced border adjustment mechanism – one that also actively supports the efforts of the developing countries financially when it comes to climate protection and adaptation to climate change.

For climate protection will be determined by what happens in developing countries and emerging economies. Asia – in particular China and India – is the source of around half of all global greenhouse gas emissions today. And another point to consider is whether Africa will rely on coal and oil as we did in the 20th century. Or whether Europe and Africa are able to work together so that our neighbouring continent can become a green continent of renewable energies. For that we will need a technology and climate partnership.

This partnership must become part of the European Green Deal. Unfortunately, so far the Green Deal continues to have an inward focus, concentrating solely on the EU itself. Yet, by building bridges between our two continents we could achieve a win-win situation par excellence. For example: low-cost green hydrogen could be produced in Africa and also imported into Europe.”