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Germany is a founding member of both the Asian Development Bank (ADB), founded in 1966 in Manila (Philippines), and of the Asian Development Fund (ADF) founded in 1973.

The ADB is involved in many social and economic projects to improve the living conditions of people in the region. The reduction of poverty is the primary goal of the Bank. Its policies are aligned with the Millennium Development Goals. The priorities of the Bank are the support of inclusive sustainable growth, especially in the infrastructure sector. The share capital of the ADB was about 153.1 billion US dollars at the end of 2014. Germany holds a share of about 4.3 per cent.

The Asian Development Bank provides low-interest loans and grants from the ADF to poorer regional members. At the last replenishment of the Asian Development Fund (AsDF 11) for the years 2013-2016 Germany contributed 143.8 million euros, or 3.34 per cent.

49th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank

Logo: Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank 2016

Germany hosted the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank for the first time 2-5 May 2016, in Frankfurt am Main. The topic of the meeting, "Cooperating for Sustainability" provided the theme for the discussions between participants from the Asian Development Bank, from business and financial institutions, academia and civil society regarding current topics and next steps in development financing.

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