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BMZ budget

The budget of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is contained in the German national budget, where it is departmental budget 23.

In fiscal 2020, provision has been made for spending in the order of 12,43 billion euros.

The appropriations in the 2020 budget (including the second supplementary budget) are distributed as follows:


BMZ budget 2015

  •  5,522,290 T€ (44.4%)
    Bilateral official development cooperation
  •  1,350,239 T€ (10.9%)
    Civil society and business groups and institutions
  •   967,012 T€ (7.8%)
    European Development Fund
  •  1,145,873 T€ (9.2%)
    United Nations and international institutions
  •  769,457 T€ (6.2%)
    World Bank
  •  336,497 T€ (2.7%)
    Regional banks
  •  819,565 T€ (6.6%)
    International food security and global environmental protection
  • 52,142 T€ (0.4%)
    Research, evaluation and training in development cooperation
  • 85,985 T€ (0.6%)
    Other grants
  • 10   1,278,900 T€ (10.3%)
    Special initiatives
  • 11   106,122 T€ (0.9%)
    Ministry costs
  • Chapter 2311
    -21,637 T€ (-0.2%)

    Centrally calculated administrative costs. (Inclusive across-the-board budget cut*). 
  • Total 12,434,082 T€

* Across-the-board budget cuts are mandatory savings that a ministry has to make. They are centrally determined by the Federal Ministry of Finance and are shown in the budget as a negative amount. In order to meet these savings requirements, the BMZ has to manage its budget in such a way that expenditure is reduced accordingly within individual budget lines.

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