Senegal Promoting employment opportunities

Senegal has high youth unemployment. At the same time, many young people lack basic skills that are needed in the labour market. The aim of German development cooperation activities here is to establish the sport for development approach permanently in training institutions, vocational schools and non-governmental organisations.

On the one hand, this is a way for young people to be taught key personal, social, methodological and professional skills that are relevant for the labour market. On the other hand, the quality of vocational training courses is improved. Sport thus contributes to improving young people’s future opportunities.

In Senegal, sport for development concentrates on the following areas:

  • Assisting political institutions, partner organisations and (vocational) training institutions with integrating sport for development as a pedagogical approach into their curricula.
  • Training teachers, trainers and social workers in implementing high-quality sports programmes that promote gender equality, education and health.
  • Building and rehabilitating simple sports fields so that disadvantaged children and young people have safe spaces to play sports. Furthermore, user committees are set up to ensure the sustainable use and maintenance of sports fields.

So far, the following goals have been achieved:

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Plane at the Leopold Sedar Senghor airport in Dakar, Senegal, with the African Renaissance monument in the background

A sport for development module is now part of the training for sports teachers at two public training facilities in Dakar and Thiès. The Don Bosco centres in these two cities and the SOS Children’s Villages in Dakar, Kaolack and Ziguinchor have also integrated the module into their education programme.

Ninety persons from the spheres of teaching, social work and sports training now act as sport for development multipliers after having completed their training. They help young people acquire key qualifications that are relevant for the labour market and other personal skills.

Various manuals have been created in cooperation with local partner organisations. They allow multipliers to consolidate and pass on their knowledge.

A total of ten sports grounds have been newly built or renovated in Dakar, Thiès, Kaolack and Ziguinchor.

As at: 18/01/2023