German activities Supporting development engagement by people with an immigrant past in Germany

When people come to Germany they often retain close ties to their countries of origin. Many of them also set up associations with others from their home country in order to engage in joint efforts to support their countries of origin. These people are important civil society partners for German development cooperation.

Weekly market in Berlin Neukölln
Weekly market in Berlin Neukölln

Diaspora2030 (External link) is the website of German development cooperation for people with a migration history in Germany who are committed to development policy.

If you too would like to use your expertise and experience to initiate change and work for a future worth living for the people in our partner countries, you will find information here.

On behalf of the BMZ, the programme Migration & Diaspora supports the active engagement of people with an immigrant past in Germany in order to boost social and economic development in a sustainable manner in more than 20 partner countries.

The BMZ makes it possible for experienced “diaspora experts and skilled workers (External link)” to contribute their knowledge and skills through short-term voluntary assignments at local institutions in their countries or regions of origin.

Since 2016, more than 340 institutions in the BMZ’s partner countries have been supported in this way. Skilled experts who would like to return long term and share their knowledge with employers in their country of origin can receive “Returning Expert (External link)” support through the Migration & Diaspora programme. Since the programme began, more than 450 employers in the BMZ’s partner countries have benefited from having returning experts working with them.

In addition, the BMZ supports diaspora organisations (External link) actively engaged in fostering development that want to work with a local organisation to carry out non-profit, development-related projects in the BMZ’s partner countries by assisting them with the planning and implementation of their projects. Altogether, more than 200 organisations in partner countries have been able to benefit from such projects.

With its Business Ideas for Development (External link) scheme, the BMZ assists migrants in their countries of origin with the implementation of innovative business ideas aimed at contributing to sustainable development. Through this scheme, migrants starting businesses can use knowledge and skills acquired in Germany to contribute to local economic development back home. A total of more than 900 people interested in starting a business have been supported under the Migration & Diaspora programme, and more than 120 new businesses have been set up.