Oceanic whitetip shark in company of some pilot fish

Oceans and biodiversity The Blue Action Fund – preserving the world’s oceans

The Blue Action Fund (External link) (BAF) was established by the BMZ and KfW Entwicklungsbank in 2016. Since then the BMZ has contributed 80 million euros to the Fund. Other national funding partners are Sweden and France: since 2019 the Green Climate Fund (GCF) has also contributed.

The aim of the Blue Action Fund is to improve protection of the world’s oceans and coasts and thereby stem the dramatic loss of marine biodiversity. Local development will be fostered and sustainable livelihoods in coastal communities will be promoted.

The BAF is the world’s largest public fund dedicated to conserving and improving marine protected areas and sustainable fisheries. It makes grants to non-governmental organisations and local actors to enable them to significantly expand their activities aimed at conserving the oceans’ biological diversity and using it sustainably.