Chapter 5


Logo: Marshall Plan with Africa

Click here to download the full draft (as at January 2017, PDF, 1.3 MB).

Germany is the birthplace of the social market economy. Public welfare, human dignity and responsibility are the fundamental values we hold. As a member of the European Union, we have ourselves experienced how regional integration and the opening of markets foster prosperity, peace and security. Drawing on the experience of our German and European success story, we want to support the African countries in implementing their Agenda 2063.

To that end, we will take the proposals of the Marshall Plan and

  • discuss and develop them further with our African partners;
  • link them with existing and new approaches at the EU level;
  • address them in our consultations with other donor countries;
  • develop them further with civil society, academia and the business sector in Africa and in Europe.

Based on the results of these consultations, we will submit concrete proposals for decision during the German G20 presidency at the G20 summit in July and subsequently at the EU-Africa Summit in November 2017.

We want to work with Africa and Europe, the international community and all reform-minded stakeholders from civil society and the business sector. With them, we want to shape the future, in the spirit of the international community’s pact on the world's future, namely the 2030 Agenda, and of the Paris agreement on climate change. We will use 2017, this year when so much focus will be on Africa, as an opportunity to initiate a new and lasting partnership with the continent.

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