Chapter 2.1

New forms of cooperation – reform partnerships

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We need a paradigm shift in the cooperation with our African partners. We must move away from the concept of donor and recipient countries, and focus more on joint economic cooperation instead. In the financing of projects, we need to develop a common, international strategy and take a coordinated approach. We do not have to do everything differently. But we do need to do many things more effectively, quickly and consistently.

We are taking African governments at their word. This means that in future we will intensify our cooperation with countries that are reform-oriented and have proven their will to reform, above all by ensuring reliability, the rule of law and the political participation of all their citizens.

Together with other European and international players we want to forge incentive-based reform partnerships with the reform champions among African states, thereby creating incentives for faster, sustainable development. We will therefore make the instruments of development policy more flexible so we can respond to political changes more quickly and effectively. We want to move away from the blanket approach to development cooperation and provide targeted support to reform-minded countries. Of course, we will also continue to take our share of responsibility for the least developed countries.

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