Chapter 1.3

The continent of opportunity

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Notwithstanding all the conflicts and problems, Africa is also a continent of opportunity, dynamic development and youth. Half of the African population of 1.2 billion is under the age of 25. Africa's population is set to double by 2050 and this dynamic population growth is both a challenge and an opportunity. The dynamic power of a young society should be a driver of economic development. For this to happen, Africa's youth need to have access to education and training. Africa’s dynamic population growth is also an epochal challenge, for instance with regard to food security and environmental and climate protection.

Young people in Africa know what opportunities are available to young people in Europe. Quite rightly, they are demanding the same opportunities for themselves. That is why all measures must be judged by the question of whether they give young people new prospects for a better future. We thus need to shift the focus of our cooperation and prioritise the three-pronged approach of education, training and employment.

The most important question that must be answered by a Marshall Plan is: How can 20 million new jobs be created that give young people prospects for their future without destroying the environment?

Population growth (2015–2050)
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Population growth (2015–2050)

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