Core area “Health, social protection and population policy” Modernising and expanding healthcare

Climate change, international trade, increased global mobility, as well as changes in lifestyles, ways of working and eating habits are causing big challenges for health systems worldwide. This became very evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The BMZ is assisting the Uzbek government in improving the country's healthcare system.

Mother and child ward in the hospital in Almalik, Uzbekistan

Mother and child ward in the hospital in Almalik, Uzbekistan

Mother and child ward in the hospital in Almalik, Uzbekistan

The aim is to provide comprehensive access to healthcare services for all people in Uzbekistan in a system that discriminates against no-one. The focus of the measures will be on improving the quality of public health services, which are mainly used by women, children and poorer population groups.

Work is underway, for example, on transforming the hospitals in the provincial capitals into modern medical centres and providing them with the necessary technical equipment. Among other things, this provides options of modern minimal invasive surgery and diagnostic imaging, e.g. magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). One of the long-term priorities is to equip hospitals and to provide advisory services and training sessions to improve maternal-child health.

Basic medical education is being reformed in order to enhance the technical skills of staff. In addition, further training programmes for the professional use of modern medical technology are being updated and aligned with international standards in cooperation with German university hospitals. In the border area with Afghanistan, a medical training centre is to be set up with German support. The centre will also be open to Afghans.

Further important priorities are increasing the use of digital technology in healthcare, reducing the incidence of tuberculosis, and strengthening pandemic prevention and control.

During the 2022 government negotiations, it was agreed to include an additional topic in bilateral development cooperation between the two countries in the health sector, namely support in introducing a modern and universal health insurance system.

As at: 27/02/2023