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Core area “Climate and energy, just transition” Investing in the community infrastructure

The overriding goal of Uzbekistan’s reform policy is to bring tangible improvements to people’s lives and improve their living conditions in the spirit of a Just Transition. One focus is on municipal water supply and sanitation.

In 2021, Germany and Uzbekistan agreed for sustainable urban development to be included in their development cooperation. The BMZ newly committed large volumes of funding in 2022 for helping to develop an efficient, environmentally friendly and climate-smart community infrastructure.

The plan is to invest in the maintenance and expansion of drinking water supply and wastewater pipes and the construction of municipal water treatment plants. The energy-efficient rehabilitation of buildings and the construction of municipal buildings or public lighting systems could also be part of future projects. Various feasibility studies are currently being conducted. German activities will focus on medium-sized towns in Uzbekistan and their neighbouring communities. The geographic focus will be on Fergana Region in the east of the country and Surxondaryo Region in the south, on the border with Afghanistan.

As at: 27/02/2023