Core area “Peaceful and inclusive societies” Creating transparency in the financial system, strengthening women’s rights

The main focus of the cooperation in the core area “Peaceful and inclusive societies” is on good financial governance and on human rights with an emphasis on the rights of women and girls.

School girls in Tanzania with a laptop
School girls in Tanzania with a laptop

Good financial governance

Transparency and accountability in the administration of public finances are important cornerstones for democracy, the rule of law and sustainable development. In the field of good financial governance, Germany is contributing towards strengthening Tanzania’s system of public finances. The central focus of the cooperation in this area with the Tanzanian government and the National Audit Office of Tanzania is on external auditing, internal auditing, ways to increase public revenues at the local level and facilitating the dialogue between public authorities and citizens.

Cooperation on these topics has already helped to increase public revenues significantly, and to improve the dialogue between local government, the private sector and civil society.

Human rights and gender equality

Strengthening women’s rights is one of the Tanzanian government’s political priorities. President Hassan is working to bring more women into top political posts and to strengthen the role of women in the economy of the country. She is actively committed to addressing gender-based violence.

Domestic violence against women and children is still very common, especially in rural areas. Violent incidents happen both within the family and at school or in the workplace, and are often not reported to the police. Girls are particularly affected. They experience sexual abuse, child labour, early marriage, teenage pregnancies and female genital mutilation.

A project under Technical Cooperation is intended to facilitate access to justice for women and girls, thus helping to prevent gender-based violence. Close cooperation with the justice system and with civil society is planned. A centre for digital transformation with a focus on human rights and gender equality has also been agreed.

Furthermore, Germany is promoting media freedom and media diversity in Tanzania, and also programmes in the context of sport for development.

As at: 30/03/2023