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Tanzania’s planned introduction of a universal health insurance is a big step towards giving all people access to health care. Germany is supporting this process. In addition to that, Germany is focusing its engagement on maternal and child health and on reproductive self-determination, in particular for young people.

A mother has her child medically examined

A mother has her child medically examined

A mother has her child medically examined

Health services in Tanzania have steadily improved in recent years. However, the system is still severely underfunded. As a result, maternal and newborn mortality due to preventable complications during pregnancy or childbirth is high.

That is why supporting maternal and child health is one of the priorities of Germany’s development cooperation with Tanzania. Support for obstetric care and care for newborn babies is being given to selected health facilities. They are also offered advisory services for budget planning, data management and the digitalisation of central work processes.

Support for sexual and reproductive self-determination, in particular in the case of young people, especially girls, is being expanded. This also involves cooperation with schools. Teachers, pupils and health personnel receive training on the topic of sexuality education, self-determination and contraception.

Introduction of health insurance

The government of Tanzania has set itself the goal of introducing universal health insurance, with a view to giving all people access to affordable health care. An intensive political debate about this project has been ongoing for several years. In September 2022, a legislative proposal was presented to parliament.

The BMZ is supporting its partner government in these important efforts. As a consequence, in 2022 social protection was agreed as a new area of intervention for development cooperation with Tanzania. The aim is to strengthen and expand existing insurance systems and to gradually integrate the new mandatory insurance. The biggest challenge for Tanzania is to ensure safe and socially balanced financing of the health sector in the long term.

As at: 30/03/2023