Core area "Sustainable economic development" Creating jobs and fostering private investments

The overarching goals of the Senegalese-German reform partnership are the creation of jobs, the development of the private sector and better training for the workforce. Assistance is also to be provided to informal-sector small-scale enterprises as they move to the formal sector with the help of a more efficient administration.

Al Azhar Excellence Centre for Further Education in Mbao, Senegal

Al Azhar Excellence Centre for Further Education in Mbao, Senegal

Al Azhar Excellence Centre for Further Education in Mbao, Senegal

In order to attain these goals, Senegal made a commitment, as part of its partnership with Germany, to undertake reforms in the areas of labour law, land law, support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and vocational training.

In return, the BMZ is providing support to the reform programme through a large number of activities:

  • Labour law. Capacity building for labour inspection authorities.
  • Land law. Registration and recognition of land titles in accordance with municipal planning, improvement of procedures for data recording and management (land register).
  • Support for SMEs. Improvement of SMEs' access to tailor-made financial services, establishment of a one-stop shop to serve as a central point of contact for owners of small businesses.
  • Vocational training. Advice on the design of the vocational training reform, efforts to bring training programmes into line with needs in the private sector and in society at large, support for business start-ups.
  • Good governance. Help to modernise administrative structures and procedures and to computerise public services.

Every year, stock is taken of the progress made on implementing the reforms that have been agreed. New commitments for programmes under the reform partnership are made in light of that progress.

New job opportunities

The reform partnership with Senegal is being complemented by measures being implemented under Germany's Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation. The aim of the special initiative is to work with businesses in order to create new jobs and provide better access to vocational training, so as to give young people in particular the prospect of a better future. Under the heading "Invest for Jobs”, the special initiative supports companies in making investments that lead to job creation; it also fosters the development of business relations between medium-sized companies in Senegal and like companies in Europe and especially Germany. The initiative also helps to promote attractive locations for doing business and attractive growth industries such as the food processing industry and the digital technology sector. Furthermore, it provides support to universities as well associations and chambers that establish links with German partners in order to develop practice-oriented training and degree courses.

In addition, there is a programme under Technical Cooperation to help young adults in less developed regions to develop attractive occupational profiles and sustainable business models and, thus, better opportunities in their home country. To date, more than 22,000 people have taken part in these measures and activities.

Another project that is hoped to create new job opportunities is a higher education programme that was started in 2016 and is gradually being expanded to cover the vocational education sector as well. Efforts are under way to develop practice-oriented higher education programmes on renewable energy as well as demand-based continuing education programmes, and to build students' business skills.