Street lighting through a solar-powered mini power grid in a village in Senegal

Core area "Renewable energy and energy efficiency" Climate-friendly and reliable power supply

A shortage of energy is one of the main constraints to development in Senegal. Only around 40 percent of the country's rural population has access to an electric power supply. In order to foster stable economic development for the rural population in particular, Germany is helping to improve access in such areas to safe, reliable and climate-friendly energy.

Senegal greatly values German knowledge in the field of renewable energy. Notwithstanding the discovery of oil and gas reserves, the Senegalese government has upheld its goal of meeting 30 per cent of power demand from renewable sources.

Under Financial Cooperation, KfW Development Bank is supporting the construction of a photovoltaic power station south of Dakar, which is to provide energy to private households and to the Diass Special Economic Zone. Funding is also being provided for several rural micro-grids based on smaller photovoltaic or hybrid installations. Assistance is being provided to an effort covering nine cities to modernise power distribution networks and set up electricity meters.