Development cooperation with Rwanda Digitalisation

Rwanda is a pioneer in digital technologies in Africa. The country is currently investing five per cent of its GDP in the digital transformation. This has led to remarkable results in just three years.

The digital service sector is flourishing and more and more digital public services are being offered. In 2020, as much as 40 per cent of services were available in digital form. It is the government’s goal to provide all administrative services online by 2035 at the latest.

In many other areas, such as the environmental field or the health sector, Rwanda has achieved great progress with the help of digital technologies. Drugs, for instance, or vaccines are being delivered nationwide by drones.

Center for Digital Transformation

Interior view of the "Digital Transformation Center Kigali" (still from a virtual tour)

Interior view of the “Digital Transformation Center Kigali” (still from a virtual tour)

Interior view of the Digital Transformation Center Kigali (still from a virtual tour)

In 2019, the BMZ’s largest Centre for Digital Transformation (External link) was opened in Kigali. The centre is to develop digital solutions for sustainable development in the country and serve as a bridge between German and European companies and research institutions and companies in Rwanda.

It serves as a hub for many of the BMZ’s bilateral and regional digital projects. Important milestones from the work of the digiCenter are the development of innovative solutions for agricultural irrigation or measures to optimise public transport.

In close cooperation with the ministry in charge of digital technologies, huge progress has been achieved on Rwanda’s AI strategy, the development of smart cities, digital inclusion and the promotion of the private sector.

As at: 23/02/2022