Security situation The role played by the war in Syria and the influence of Hezbollah

The ongoing conflict in Syria is having a negative impact on the security situation in Lebanon. The state monopoly on the use of force is greatly reduced.

Inside the Tripoli souk

Inside the Tripoli souk

This is in part due to Hezbollah acting as a “state within a state” and deploying armed fighters who are not part of the regular armed forces, without the consent of the government. Large parts of southern Lebanon and the Beqaa Valley are under the military control of this militia force.

Meanwhile, the state monopoly on the use of force is also being challenged by terrorist organisations, which are trying to infiltrate the country. These organisations include the group calling itself “Islamic State” and the al-Nusra Front, which is part of the al-Qaeda network.

As at: 21/04/2022