Refugees at a camp in Dadaab, northern Kenya

Other areas of cooperation

Germany and Kenya also work together in areas outside the agreed core areas. For example, the German government is helping Kenya to fight corruption and to provide services for refugees.

Good governance – fighting corruption

Widespread corruption among politicians, the police force and public institutions is hampering development in Kenya. Fighting corruption is an overarching goal across all fields addressed by Kenyan-German development cooperation. Germany fosters transparency and accountability and is supporting measures to prevent, uncover and prosecute corruption and to trace and seize assets gained through corruption.

Displacement – supporting aid for refugees

Kenya is one of the biggest hosts of refugees in the region. According to figures released by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), over 577,000 refugees and asylum seekers were registered in Kenya in January 2023, most of them from Somalia and South Sudan. And over 100,000 people at Dadaab refugee camp in eastern Kenya were still waiting to be registered at that point.

With funding from its special Initiative “Displaced Persons and Host Countries”, Germany is providing assistance both to refugees and to host communities at the refugee camps in northern Kenya.

Water – safe drinking water for 1.5 million people

With German support, drinking supply has been improved for about 1.5 million people living in poor urban neighbourhoods, and sanitation has been provided for some 340,000 people in 23 towns and cities.

The German and Kenyan governments have agreed to phase out cooperation in the water sector in favour of other priority areas.

As at: 02/05/2023