Refugees in front of their huts in Dadaab refugee camp

Other areas of cooperation

Germany and Kenya also work together in other areas outside the agreed core areas. For example, the German government is helping Kenya to fight corruption and to provide for refugees.

Good governance: Fighting corruption

One major impediment to Kenya’s development is the widespread corruption – which often goes unpunished – among politicians and police officers and in public institutions. That is why the tackling of corruption is a cross-cutting theme in all core areas of German-Kenyan development cooperation. Germany fosters transparency and accountability and is supporting measures to prevent, uncover and prosecute corruption and to trace and seize assets gained through corruption.

Supporting aid for refugees

Kenya is one of the main countries in the region to take in refugees. Currently, more than 540,000 refugees from Somalia and South Sudan are living there, mostly in camps near the border at Dadaab and Kakuma (figures as at December 2021). Germany is using funds from its initiative “Tackling the root causes of displacement, reintegrating refugees” to help its Kenyan partners to improve the lives and prospects of the refugees and of the communities hosting them.