Vocational school for industrial mechanics ATMI in Solo in Indonesia. Around 450 pupils are trained here in various fields, such as welders, locksmiths and toolmakers.

Core area “Sustainable economic development, training and employment” Improving employment and income opportunities

Good training and employment opportunities for the broad population are a prerequisite for the sustainable reduction of poverty. One focus of cooperation with Indonesia is therefore on vocational training: the BMZ is assisting the Indonesian government with the comprehensive modernisation of the vocational training system and is also supporting it in its efforts – carried out in close collaboration with the private sector – to make training more relevant and practice-oriented.

The aim is to increase the number of skilled workers and improve employment and income opportunities for the young generation. The focus is on the processing sector and on sustainable tourism.

Complementing these efforts, a link is being made to cooperation in the core area à “Climate and energy, just transition”: in future, efforts will be expanded beyond the processing and tourism sectors in order to also include the development of innovative training courses and the creation of “green” jobs in renewable energies.