Worker harvesting palm oil fruit

Core area “Conserving nature and natural resources, protecting life on Earth” Forest conservation, biodiversity and sustainable supply chains

A large share of Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions is caused by the destruction of its tropical forests. The BMZ is supporting the Indonesian government in its efforts to implement forestry reforms which lead to the conservation and sustainable use of forests.

Various forest conservation projects are showing the local population economic alternatives to logging, thereby contributing towards the international REDD+ initiative (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). The BMZ is also supporting the Indonesian government in regard to its plan to transfer usage rights for forests to provinces and municipalities, and is advising the government on setting up local forest offices.

The BMZ is supporting the country in setting up and expanding protected areas and protecting biodiversity. Another focus of Indonesian-German development cooperation is on providing advice to rural people with regard to the development of sustainable supply chains, especially for palm oil, cocoa and rubber.

In future, the development of innovative training courses and the creation of “green” jobs will be promoted specifically in the field of renewable energies.

As at: 18/10/2023