Quality control of cocoa beans at the cooperative PRO-PLANTEURS

Core area “Sustainable economic development, training and employment” Improving vocational training and employability

The BMZ has been assisting the Ivorian government in implementing its national development plan in the fields of employment promotion and vocational training. Specifically, advice is being provided to the government with regard to the introduction of a dual (industry-based and school-based) vocational training system and the improvement of the business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

One special focus of the cooperation programme is on training for women and girls, and on support for women-led enterprises. Support is also being provided to the expansion and equipment of education facilities, the creation of new training and employment opportunities in “green” occupations, and the increased introduction of formal employment. This core area also includes projects under the BMZ's special initiative “Decent Work for a Just Transition”.

Increasing production and incomes in rural areas

As agriculture is the most important sector of the economy in terms of employment and export earnings, support for this sector is one area of Ivorian-German cooperation. The purpose of these efforts is, among other things, to improve the production, processing and marketing methods used by small farmers, to improve their access to loans, and to establish sustainable agricultural value chains, especially for cocoa.

A Green Innovation Centre has been set up with funding from the BMZ's special initiative “Transformation of Agricultural and Food Systems”. The Centre provides support to cocoa farmers.

As at: 27/03/2024