As at: 03/08/2022

As at 3 August 2022 Information for former Afghan local employees working for German development cooperation

The German government is enabling the people who have been supporting us on the ground in the past few years, and now have to face individual danger as a consequence, to leave the country and be admitted into Germany. With the resettlement programme for former local employees the German government has set up a process that enables Afghan women and men to be admitted into Germany, if their former activities in the service of German bilateral development cooperation mean that they are exposed to particular individual risk

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Germany bears special responsibility for these people. That is why the German government is allowing former local employees entry into Germany and is helping them to leave Afghanistan safely. The BMZ is financing the departure from Afghanistan either by land or by civilian flight. More than 2,000 local employees working for German development cooperation have come to Germany since May 2021 – some 10,000 persons all together when counting family members.

The procedure remains open to new hazard applications (claim that the work done for Germany has put a local employee in danger). This ensures that newly arising, individual threats can continue to be taken into account. Former employees should send their hazard applications to their former employer. The application will then be assessed to determine in how far the legal requirements are fulfilled that justify an admission to Germany.

For further information on leaving Afghanistan, visit the FAQs of the Federal Foreign Office (External link).