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Germany increases support for adaptation to climate change in particularly vulnerable countries

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Press release of 25.01.2021 |

BERLIN – At today's online Climate Adaptation Summit, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged 220 million euros for enhanced support for the least developed countries' efforts to adapt to climate change and for the expansion of climate insurance programmes. Part of the funding will be provided in the form of loans. The Climate Adaptation Summit serves to prepare COP26, which is to be held in Glasgow at the end of this year. The funding comes from the budget of the German Development Ministry.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller made the following statement: "Worldwide, our climate action efforts are progressing too slowly. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, we also have to invest in adaptation in the countries that are worst hit by climate change. The last decade was the hottest on record. In 2020, the damage caused by natural disasters that resulted, not least, from this fact was 210 billion US dollars – again, a significant increase over the previous year's levels. If these developments simply continue, the developing countries will bear the brunt of the disastrous consequences. 20 million people have already been displaced and lost their livelihoods through climate change. The World Bank estimates that this number may climb to 140 million in just a few years' time.

"Chancellor Merkel's pledge at the Climate Adaptation Summit to step up support for the poorest countries is an important signal. This will enable us to increase our cooperation on adaptation in the most affected regions, especially in Africa. Activities include measures in agriculture, such as the development of climate-resilient plants, and in coastal protection.

"In addition, the German Development Ministry will be able to provide more people with coverage against devastating climate risks such as complete crop loss. Internationally, a target has been set of providing protection against climate risks for 500 million particularly poor and vulnerable people by 2025. At present, the proportion of losses in developing countries and emerging economies that are insured is less than 10 per cent."

Germany has been meeting its international commitments on climate finance and is one of the largest donors worldwide. 4 billion euros from budget funds was made available in 2019, doubling the volume committed as compared to 2014. More than 80 per cent of Germany's annual contribution comes from the budget of the Development Ministry. Africa is a focus region for Germany's activities on adaptation to climate change, with special attention being given to food security and water supply.

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