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BMZ budget for 2020 to remain stable

Development ministry will share in the national climate fund for the first time

Press release of 26.06.2019 |

BERLIN – German Development Minister Gerd Müller, commenting on the draft budget for 2020 presented in the cabinet today, said:

"The development budget for 2020 will remain stable – meaning that we and our partners will be able to carry on with the important work we are doing in crisis and refugee regions and continue our long-term development projects. However, there is still a shortfall of 500 million euros to fund international climate commitments in 2020, which is needed so that the pledge made by the Federal Chancellor to double climate funding, bringing it to 4 billion euros by 2020, can be fulfilled. That is why the BMZ has received confirmation that, for the first time, the funding gap for international climate protection measures will be met via the national climate fund. The funds for this will be determined in September. Each year the budget is a fight and it would be inacceptable if we were now unable to meet our obligations with regard to climate protection in particular.”

Müller announced a technology programme for introducing renewable energies into the energy market in reform-minded African countries. With that in mind, model projects are also to be implemented whereby African villages can generate their own energy for their needs:

"We must contribute via a technology drive towards making Africa into the green continent of renewable energies, rather than the black continent of coal. There are currently 950 coal-fired power stations under construction or being planned in developing and emerging countries around the world. If these plants were to all start operating, it would trigger a climate shock that would affect Europe, too. That is why we must also meet our international responsibilities in our climate policy.”

The continuation of the financing plan and the reduction to the BMZ budget over the next few years as envisaged in the plan have been criticised in the development ministry. In this regard, Minister Müller said: "That is something that cannot, will not and ought not to happen, because we can’t be sending the development budget on a roller coaster ride. We need to have continuation in the funding for long-term projects.”

The government’s draft for the BMZ budget envisages an increase in the development budget of 128 million euros for 2020, bringing the total amount to 10,373 billion euros.

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