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"Global population growth one of the biggest challenges of our times," says Minister Müller on World Population Day

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Press release of 11.07.2019 |

BERLIN – German Development Minister Gerd Müller on World Population Day on 11 July.

Minister Müller said, "Global population growth is one of the biggest challenges of our times. Today, 380,000 babies will be born. The earth's population is growing by 80 million people each year; that is as many people as the entire population of Germany. Two thirds of population growth is happening in developing countries. If this trend continues, then Africa's population alone will have doubled by 2050 – and our planet will be home to nearly 10 billion people, who all have a right to food, energy, education and a life in dignity. We have in our hands the means to slow global population growth and thus improve the future opportunities for each and every individual."

Two crucial pillars, which German development cooperation is strengthening worldwide, are necessary in order to do that: the first pillar is education. That is why the Development Ministry has more than doubled German spending worldwide on education projects in developing countries, making almost one billion euros available in the last year alone. Each additional year that a girl goes to school pushes up her age at the birth of her first child, thereby improving the vocational opportunities of mothers and their children. The second pillar is complete equality in terms of access to education and the rights of women and girls everywhere in the world.

Each day thousands of unwanted children are born in developing countries whose mothers are often little more than children themselves. Rights-based family planning can help parents decide freely how many children they want to have and avoid both unwanted pregnancies and terminations. Thanks to the initiative for rights-based family planning and maternal health, more than 24 million couples have already received the support they needed to protect against unwanted pregnancy.

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