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Germany and India embark on new avenues in global climate action

Federal Minister Gerd Müller at the Indo-German government consultations

Press release of 30.05.2017 |

BERLIN – The Federal Government is enhancing its development cooperation with India in the fields of renewable energies, environmental and resource protection, sustainable urban development, vocational education and training and innovation in agriculture. That was the outcome of today's Indo-German government consultations.

Development Minister Gerd Müller commented: "Germany and India are exploring new avenues in global cooperation. The success of the Paris climate agreement will hinge on countries such as India. That is why we are creating win-win situations. Through investment in renewable energies we are putting a brake on climate change and giving the poorest of the poor access to energy. German companies have the know-how that India needs. Investment in renewable energies is not only a way to mitigate harmful greenhouse gas emissions, but also to create jobs and income for young people in India. This shows that Germany is offering innovative solutions for climate and environmental protection that can help to lead people out of poverty."   

Germany is implementing development projects worth one billion euros on the subcontinent this year. As a contribution to a new initiative for sustainable urban development the Federal Government will invest another one billion euros over the next five years in Indian cities, in particular in infrastructure projects. This includes investment in environmentally friendly mobility, modern wastewater treatment plants and urban planning. In total, German development cooperation measures amounting to 4.6 billion euros were agreed as part of the Indo-German government consultations, more than 90 per cent of which will be provided in the form of loans.

Indo-German development cooperation is making an impact. Germany is helping India invest in solar energy and modern transmission grids, allowing it to avoid 5.5 million tons of CO2 emissions every year. Germany is promoting innovation in agriculture through a green innovation centre, creating income and opportunities for people in rural areas.

India is the world's largest democracy, the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gas and home to roughly 400 million poor people, making it one of Germany's most important partners in development cooperation.

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