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Press release of 01.07.2015 |

Today the German Cabinet approved the draft budget for next year. Through that budget, the German government is responding to global crisis situations and challenges. The BMZ's budget is to rise by another 13.5 per cent next year, reaching a total of 7.42 billion euros. This is the highest increase ever in the Ministry's history (see chart (in German), PDF 49 KB).

Minister Müller commented, "Germany is not only speaking about its growing responsibility in the world. Germany is also taking action. From efforts to address the largest-ever refugee crisis with almost 60 million displaced people worldwide to fighting climate change all the way to health programmes in Africa, the BMZ is active with its partners throughout the world, providing exceptional assistance and giving people opportunities for the future. The additional funding will help us expand that work and also increase our important cooperation with civil society, faith-based organisations, German municipalities and the private sector."

Among other things, the BMZ is planning to provide 600 million euros next year for countries affected by displacement, especially in the context of the Syrian conflict. In Lebanon alone, 80,000 children are being sent to school with German assistance. The BMZ will also increase its funding for climate action by an extra 250 million euros. The BMZ is responsible for 90 per cent of Germany's financing for international climate action, which highlights its growing responsibility in this field. Another such field is the implementation of Chancellor Merkel's six-point plan to improve health systems, especially in Africa. The BMZ is planning to invest an additional 600 million euros in this endeavour over the next few years. It will also increase its funding to fight global hunger and its investment in efforts to provide vocational education in North Africa and the Middle East.

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