Statement German Development Minister Svenja Schulze on the outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai

“In these difficult times, the world urgently needed this signal of unity. The conference has succeeded in building more trust between Europe and the developing countries again. The good start of the conference, with the swift agreement on the new Loss and Damage Fund, has helped to make this possible. Since the first pledges made by the United Arab Emirates and Germany, it has also been clear that all those who are able to do so will have to contribute to the Fund: traditional industrialised countries as well as the Emirates and other emerging economies that have the necessary resources. This is an important decision for the future that will have an impact far beyond this conference.

“Together with many like-minded partners from all over the world, Europe has been advocating for explicitly mentioning the urgently needed phase-out of fossil energy. The oil-producing countries in particular have put up considerable opposition against this idea. Together with our partners in developing countries, we have managed in Dubai to launch the concept of transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels towards renewable energy systems, and to adopt this by consensus. The concept recognises that phasing out fossil energy is a process which needs to be made socially just. That is precisely what we will now jointly be working for, doing everything we can. It must be clear that this transition cannot be delayed. Almost all of it must be completed within the present and the coming decade.

”One important outcome of the conference is also the first-ever agreement on a comprehensive framework for adaptation to climate change. Climate change is already happening, with consequences that are sometimes dramatic. The entire world has to become better prepared for this. This, too, is an area that requires strong support for our partners in developing countries.“

Background information

Adaptation to climate change was covered more prominently on the agenda of the Dubai conference than at any previous Conference of the Parties. The Parties agreed on a framework for the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA). The framework will strengthen avenues towards wise national adaptation measures. All countries are called upon, by 2030, to draft National Adaptation Plans and make progress on their implementation. Germany is providing support to over 60 countries' efforts to draft and implement National Adaptation Plans.