16 November 2022 Speaking from COP27, German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Svenja Schulze said today:

“With Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazil now has the chance to move away from an economy based on destruction of the forests. The country has everything that is needed for a flourishing, sustainable economy. For Lula, it is absolutely clear that the rainforest benefits the economy considerably more than cutting it down would. Brazil can be a powerhouse for sustainable agriculture and become one of the leading nations in the emerging green hydrogen sector. That will also enable the country to progress towards climate neutrality in traditional industrial sectors.

That is why we should talk with Brazil's new government not only about the energy sector but, going beyond that, about a partnership that looks in the round at how to move the economy in a more social and ecological direction – a Just Transition Partnership for the entire economy, so to speak. That will involve all the instruments available to us in our development policy – including the development banks. The opportunity is now there for us to join together and support a great leap forward in development that leads to greater prosperity for all, brings a return to social cohesion and relieves the pressure on the climate.

In my role as holder of the G7 Presidency and World Bank Governor, I will be setting up calls immediately after the international climate conference.”