Statement Development Minister Svenja Schulze on the latest developments in Israel

8 October 2023 | Referring to the latest developments in Israel, Development Minister Svenja Schulze said:

“We utterly condemn the Hamas attacks on Israel. This violence will produce only losers. Our full solidarity is with Israel in this difficult hour. We have always taken great care to ensure that our support for the people in the Palestinian territories serves peace and not terrorists. But these attacks on Israel mark a terrible watershed. And so we will be re-examining all our activities in support of the Palestinian territories. As we do that we will be discussing above all with Israel how our development projects can best serve the aim of peace in the region and security for Israel. Because Israel, too, has an interest in the people in the Palestinian territories being able to live in stability over the long term. We will also be consulting with our international partners, in order to proceed in the most coordinated way possible.”