Sudan A social safety net for mothers and children

Political fragility, conflict, drought and poverty – women and children in particular are impacted by the complex crises affecting Sudan.

Girl in Sudan

Girl in Sudan

Girl in Sudan

Around 90 per cent of children fail to receive the recommended minimum nutritional intake, and 30 per cent of mothers are also undernourished. This has drastic long-term implications for children’s physical and mental development.

In collaboration with UNICEF, the BMZ has been supporting the two federal states of Red Sea and Kassala in establishing a social safety net for mothers and children during the crucial first stage of life since 2021. The “1,000-day programme”, which has comprised three phases so far, aims to reach 80,000 women and their infants. A fourth phase is being planned that will extend the programme to another federal state.

The women receive regular payments at local health clinics, where they also take part in events on topics such as maternal and child health, infant nutrition and family planning.

The first two phases of the programme were part of the BMZ’s Emergency COVID-19 Support Programme.

As at: 08/10/2023