Cooperation with the private sector Green Hydrogen Business Alliance

Green hydrogen is a key commodity for a successful energy transition. Simultaneously, the production of green hydrogen and derivatives opens up opportunities for sustainable economic development in Germany's partner countries. In order to bring together the expertise and innovative capacity of the private sector and the activities of development cooperation, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has launched the Green Hydrogen Business Alliance.

• Diagram consisting of three circles that are linked through one large circle. The top circle is labelled "Development", the bottom left one is labelled "Climate" and the bottom right one is labelled "Economy".
Diagram: Development – Climate – Economy

The Alliance forms the key interface between the private sector and the BMZ on green hydrogen. It assists enterprises in entering the hydrogen market in partner countries and works to foster a socially and environmentally sound transformation. Its purpose is to assist developing countries and emerging economies in developing green hydrogen markets. Partners include Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Using green hydrogen and PtX to move towards a just transition – joining forces at four levels


The Green Hydrogen Business Alliance brings together over 100 companies, industry associations and public institutions from Europe along the green hydrogen value chain. It fosters dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, for instance through networking and dialogue events. In this way, project strategies can take account of the potential and needs of the private sector, and the private sector's voice is heard in the development of support instruments.


The Green Hydrogen Business Alliance identifies and supports sustainable project ideas along the PtX value chain. The purpose of these efforts is to increase hydrogen production through large-scale projects, boost the market share of green hydrogen and reduce the cost of its production.


In order to support local market development for green hydrogen and PtX in the BMZ's partner countries, the Business Alliance identifies business scenarios and areas that offer potential for value chain development, and it provides assistance as companies take project and investment decisions. Holistic analyses and studies support market exploration.


The Business Alliance identifies and develops incentives for a sustainable investment landscape in the green hydrogen sector, as well as needs-based financing mechanisms. Examples include H2Global (External link) and KfW's PtX Development Fund (External link). Both are based on talks within, and needs voiced by, the Business Alliance.

• Image symbolising green hydrogen generation: solar panels in the foreground with hydrogen storage containers behind them and rotating wind turbines in the background
Image symbolising green hydrogen generation

Business Alliance on Green Hydrogen

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Companies both in Germany and in the BMZ's partner countries benefit from the networking, exchange of knowledge, project collaboration and inclusion in the BMZ's hydrogen strategy.

The coordinated development of a sustainable hydrogen sector gives partner countries a broad range of new opportunities: viable skilled jobs, higher export revenues, and an improved local energy supply.


Contact at the BMZ for matters relating to the Green Hydrogen Business Alliance:

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Contact for enterprises

Enterprises that are looking for new markets and business opportunities and wish to live up to their corporate social responsibility are invited to join the Business Alliance. Feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:

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