Wind farm near Zafarana, Egypt

Wind power Cheap power from wind energy plants

Wind energy has seen impressive growth rates in recent years. It currently covers more than 20 per cent of Germany’s and roughly five per cent of global energy demand according to the working group on energy balances (AG Energiebilanzen e.V.). The International Energy Agency estimates that the use of wind energy, both onshore and offshore, will continue to increase significantly in the next few years.

The cost for wind-based power production – both onshore and offshore – has fallen markedly. In many parts of the world, wind power can already compete with power generated from conventional sources.

Opportunities for developing countries

In many developing countries, too, wind energy can be exploited economically. What is more, it can often be combined with solar energy to achieve a secure and reliable power supply. However, the investment cost is sometimes higher than in industrialised countries with better developed infrastructure because transportation, installation and maintenance of the plants are more cost intensive. Yet, in especially suited locations, these disadvantages are compensated for by excellent wind conditions which ensure high capacity utilisation of the wind turbines.

Even in remote areas that are not connected to the transregional power grid wind power is a viable option for generating electricity. Wind power plants can be combined with solar systems and battery storage systems to help ensure continuous supply.

In many developing countries the potential of wind energy is far from being fully exploited. There is a lack of experts, knowledge and capital. German development cooperation projects support our partner countries in their efforts to overcome these challenges.

As at: 25/07/2023