Employee cleaning a filter basin of a waterworks in Livingstone, Zambia

Priority area Water supply and sanitation Securing the water supply for the general population

Zambia has enormous water resources. And yet, very many people have no access to safe drinking water.

Access to proper sanitation in particular is inadequate, especially in rural regions and the growing suburbs, where poverty is highly prevalent. This causes diarrhoeal diseases, which further weaken an often malnourished population. That is why one focus of cooperation is on improving sanitation coverage in poor urban areas and in rural areas.

In view of climate change, another major focus is managing Zambia's water resources more sustainably. People need water, but it is also needed to generate energy, for agriculture, for mining, and for industrial and manufacturing purposes. In order to conserve valuable water resources for the country and the region in the face of climate change, good planning and cooperation between all stakeholders is needed. The necessary processes are receiving considerable support through German development cooperation.