Zambia: Harison and Sarah Mbao are contractual partners of COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation). The non-profit company buys the peanut harvest of smallholder families at a fair price.

Core area “Transformation of agricultural and food systems” Reducing malnutrition with the help of sustainable agriculture

Cooperation in this area has the goal of achieving a life free of hunger and comprises several German projects on food security and on promoting agriculture in Zambia. Small farmers are being helped with organising, boosting their income and increasing production in ways that are sustainable, climate-resilient and soil friendly. They also receive support for the processing of their products, with a focus on the value chains for dairy products and legumes.

Many farmers in Zambia still work the land using hoes. Two agricultural financing projects that have been set up are enabling them to lease agricultural machinery or buy it via loans and also learn more about managing their farms.

Another particularly important focus in Zambia is tackling malnutrition. In the context of a major approach that was jointly agreed by several different donors, the BMZ is supporting the work of food committees. They coordinate Zambia’s First 1,000 Most Critical Days Programme, which promotes healthy nutrition for pregnant women and young children under the age of two. In addition, Germany is helping to provide people with food and nutrition-related information, for instance with regard to growing healthy, nutritious food, preparing it hygienically and storing it. The aim is to enable people to enjoy nutritious food even in times of food shortages.

As at: 13/12/2022