A man sells flowers to a passer-by in the old town of Tunis.

Core area “Peaceful and inclusive societies” Responsive services for the people

Germany is supporting the Tunisian government in its efforts to lessen red tape, make administrative procedures more efficient and transparent, and strengthen responsible financial management.

The constitution adopted in 2014 envisaged the restructuring of administrative authorities at the regional and municipal level in Tunisia and a transfer of responsibilities to lower administrative tiers. The BMZ assisted selected cities and municipalities in recent years in fulfilling their new tasks with a view to enabling the delivery of services that are more reliable, more transparent and more responsive to people's needs, and with the aim of ensuring greater political participation.

Among other things, Germany's support has helped to set up citizens advice bureaus and repair municipal buildings. Municipal authorities have received advice on the organisation of their administrative procedures, on setting up municipal networks – for waste management, for example – and on budgetary planning and accountability.

A special focus was put on improving the opportunities for young people to get involved at the local level, for instance through community youth councils. An important goal of German-Tunisian cooperation activities is to foster people's trust in public institutions and thus strengthen the political system.

The participation of people in municipal policy-making has already been significantly increased. In addition, it was possible in the period from 2011 to 2019 to improve access to municipal services for 530,000 Tunisian citizens. Against the backdrop of powers being centralised and concentrated in the hands of the President, the BMZ will continuously monitor its engagement in this core area.

As at: 28/03/2023