Trainees at a technical training centre in Soweto

Priority area Vocational training Creating opportunities

More than half of young people in South Africa under the age of 25 are unemployed. Yet, at the same time, companies are having difficulties filling vacant posts because of a lack of skilled workers.

Although the government is investing a considerable amount of funding in education, training at public TVET schools is of a poor standard and trainers themselves have little or no training at all. There are no properly developed systematic cooperation arrangements between companies and public TVET colleges.

Dual training pilot project

That is why Germany is supporting a pilot project on dual vocational training. Four TVET colleges are piloting training programmes for electricians and plumbers based on the dual system. The courses combine periods of practical training in companies with classroom training at a TVET college. The college curricula and examination procedures were developed in collaboration with companies and trade associations. The aim is for the trainees to be offered permanent jobs by the companies involved once they have completed their training. There are plans to expand the scheme to other vocational colleges.

In 2016, an agreement was reached with the South African government to use funds from Financial Cooperation to also upgrade the standard of training for trainers. The aim is to develop training facilities and improve their skill level.