View of the government building in Pretoria

Core area “Peaceful and inclusive societies” Establishing an efficient public administration

Good governance is an important precondition for sustainable development. However, government and administrative activities in South Africa are made more difficult by a lack of skilled staff and by inefficiency – not just at national level but also in the provinces and districts.

German development cooperation is therefore helping South Africa to create an efficient public administration system that is open to and serves all its citizens equally and that provides reliable and transparent basic public services. Germany is advising South Africa, for example, on human resource and financial management, public participation, anti-corruption and cooperation with the private sector.

Community violence prevention

The BMZ is also supporting measures aimed at preventing violence in communities. These include improving the social and economic infrastructure (safe footpaths, public spaces, sports grounds, community and youth centres). Public bodies and civil society organisations are also being encouraged to share knowledge and experiences with each other, with a special focus on involving young people. Training programmes and social media enable them to play an active role in preventing violence in their communities.

As at: 25/08/2023