Core area “Sustainable economic development, training and employment” Developing infrastructure and promoting the local economy

Germany’s support in this area aims to generate employment and income opportunities, particularly for young people in rural areas. In order to stimulate the local economy, German development cooperation measures promote selected value chains, such as cocoa/coffee, rice and livestock farming.

Coconut seller at Lakka Beach ferry terminal

Coconut seller at Lakka Beach ferry terminal

Coconut seller at Lakka Beach ferry terminal

Investment is also being made in the necessary infrastructure and in transport connections. Unemployed young people are being involved in the construction work, which provides them with short-term income and improves their material living conditions.

The founding of small and micro enterprises is also being promoted, as is vocational training for young people. At a national level, Germany is also advising Sierra Leone’s government on shaping its employment policy.


  • To date, local workers have built or repaired over 550 kilometres of rural roads and more than 130 infrastructure facilities such as markets, warehouses and wells.
  • Around 7,800 hectares of cocoa and coffee plantations have been restored, benefiting more than 5,000 young people, and 7,000 smallholders have been given training and access to means of production. There has been a 250 per cent average increase in income and production.
  • A centre of excellence for vocational training and support for starting new businesses has been established as part of a development partnership with the private sector.

As at: 03/02/2022