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German development cooperation with the Palestinian territories

Updated 24 April 2024 Current information on BMZ activities

Immediately after the terrorist attack of Hamas on Israel on 7 October 2023, Development Minister Svenja Schulze had her Ministry's activities in the Palestinian territories subjected to a review.

After reviewing the control mechanisms, no misappropriation of funds was found and development cooperation was continued.

The escalation of the Middle East conflict triggered by Hamas terror attacks as well as the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip have led to a drastic deterioration in the economic situation in all parts of the Palestinian territories. Development Minister Svenja Schulze therefore agreed an initiative for employment and stability with the new Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa in Ramallah in April 2024, which other donors can join. The aim of the initiative is to create around 25,000 new jobs and maintain existing jobs over the next three years, initially in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


As at: 24/04/2024