Core area “Peaceful and inclusive societies” Strengthening municipal structures

The Niger has been engaged in decentralisation efforts since 2004, with the aim of strengthening the country’s municipal structures. One of the challenges in this context is to ensure that, besides being given decision-making powers, municipalities also receive the necessary funding for performing the additional tasks assigned to them.

Spice trade on the market in Niamey, Niger

Spice trade on the market in Niamey, Niger

Spice trade on the market in Niamey, Niger

Germany is assisting the Niger in developing local governance structures in a variety of ways. For instance, development plans have been drawn up for projects in selected municipalities. All groups within society were involved in drawing up these plans.

At the national level, German experts are advising the Niger government and the national planning ministry on drafting a decentralisation strategy and developing pertinent guidelines.

One key task for the Niger government is the redistribution of funds, i.e. the transfer of funding from the national level to regional levels of government. Germany is supporting ANFICT, the agency for financing local and regional authorities. The authority is responsible for managing various support budgets centrally and for ensuring that spending is transparent so that local communities have sufficient funding.

ANFICT receives financial support from KfW Development Bank. Funding is made available to communities in order to improve economic, social and public infrastructure such as schools, health centres, water supply and markets. GIZ, acting on behalf of the BMZ, is offering advisory services and training opportunities for local government representatives. This enables them to draw up their own local development plans and apply for financial support under the fund. The funding is used, for example, to build schools, repair health centres and bus stations, set up markets and construct access routes from villages to trunk roads.

As at: 05/05/2023