Butterflies in Mexico

Priority area Environmental policy, protection of natural resources Effective implementation of national programmes

An important field of work under Mexican-German environmental cooperation is biodiversity conservation; Mexico, with its rich diversity of animals and plants, is what is known as a mega-diverse country.

The two countries' cooperation is concentrated on the implementation of the national biodiversity strategy that was presented in December 2016. Germany is supporting the conservation and improved management of protected areas. Activities include setting up ecological corridors in order to link ecosystems with one another.

The concept of integrated landscape planning is being implemented in several pilot regions. This means that approaches developed at the central level, such as promoting sustainable agriculture and improving land planning processes, are implemented on a decentralised basis.

Furthermore, Germany and Mexico are developing financing strategies for nature conservation and forest protection, and incentives for the sustainable use of biological resources and the conservation of biodiversity. Germany is thus supporting Mexico's efforts to integrate biodiversity more firmly into other policy areas such as agriculture and forestry, fisheries and tourism.