Core area “Transformation of agricultural and food systems” Preventing malnutrition

Under the framework of the Special Initiative “Transformation of agricultural and food systems”, the BMZ is helping to improve the food situation in Malawi. The focus is on providing food for pregnant women, mothers and small children.

Around one fifth of Malawi’s population is chronically undernourished. Roughly one third of small children are affected by stunted growth due to malnutrition. Given the current shortage of seeds and fertiliser, experts are warning of a looming food crisis in this south-east African country.

The German Development Ministry is supporting the Malawian government’s food programme with funding from the Special Initiative “Transformation of Agricultural and Food Systems” which will be granted in addition to the funding agreed for bilateral cooperation. The focus of the German activities here is on women of childbearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children.

At the national and the local level, the government and administrative authorities are receiving support for improving the planning and coordination of food measures. Women are being taught about healthy nutrition, hygiene and preventive healthcare. In addition, they and their children are being given food supplements in order to ensure that they are adequately supplied with vitamins and minerals. The aim is to improve people’s resilience towards famine.

In addition, the BMZ – with support from the European Union – is funding a Green Innovation Centre in Malawi. The programmes offered by the centre include agricultural training and extension services.

As at: 25/07/2023