Core area “Sustainable economic development, training and employment” Developing a dual vocational training system

So far, the skills and knowledge which young people acquire in the Lao vocational training system rarely match those needed in the labour market.

Vocational training in Laos
Vocational training in Laos

This means that companies lack skilled workers while youth unemployment continues to rise. In order to provide new employment opportunities and a better future for the young generation, Germany is assisting the government and the private sector in setting up dual (industry-based and school-based) training programmes.

In provinces with high demand for skilled personnel, GIZ, on behalf of the BMZ, is working with four vocational training facilities and over 100 enterprises to develop and introduce training programmes that match labour market needs. A central service centre and province-level help desks have been set up to assist enterprises with the practical implementation of the dual training model.

As at: 15/02/2023