Core area “Sustainable economic development, training and employment” Creating economic opportunities for young people and women

Practice-oriented vocational education programmes are needed in order to reduce the high level of unemployment in Jordan, which is affecting young people and women in particular, and at the same time address the skills shortage. Vocational education needs to give people the knowledge and skills that are in particularly high demand in the labour market. To that end, the players involved in development cooperation are working closely with the private sector and with the Jordanian government.

Trainees in a vocational training centre in Jordan

Trainees in a vocational training centre in Jordan

Trainees in a vocational training centre in Jordan

High unemployment is one of the key challenges that Jordan is facing. The unemployment rate is about 20 per cent. Young people – including many with higher education degrees – and women are particularly likely to be unemployed or only find informal sector jobs.

In June 2022, the government, at the initiative of the royal family, presented a comprehensive strategy for the next ten years, which envisages economic reforms, more employment and improved living conditions. Through its development cooperation, Germany is helping to develop a market-oriented vocational training system and supporting sustainable, climate-smart private sector growth.

In the field of vocational education, the focus is on improving the quality of training programmes and on adapting them to the needs of the Jordanian private sector. Efforts are being undertaken to improve the image of vocational education and to provide better job prospects, enhancing public acceptance of occupations in the crafts and trades sector. A special focus is on support for “green” industries and jobs.

The BMZ is also fostering innovation and diversity in the private sector through programmes to help people start their own businesses and to encourage sustainable entrepreneurship.

As at: 26/10/2023